Designer | Problem Solver | Creative Thinker

Hello! Thanks for checking out my work. Here's a little bit about myself...


As a designer, I enjoy many aspects of design but particularly typographic elements, package design & most recently, 3D design. However, I am always looking to push myself and explore new and different areas of design to better my skill set. Design is compelling simply because it is creative problem solving. I strive to develop unique and visually appealing solutions to problems presented to me in different ways rather than having one certain "style" as a designer. I've always had a passion for making a positive impact through design and messaging leading me to research and design new and improved products on my own time. My objective is to be a versatile, confident, effective, and well-rounded designer.  Recently I relocated to Tucson, Arizona and attended courses exploring software such as autoCAD, Solidworks, & Sketch Up to help break into the more 3D based world of design. Currently, I work as the Engineering Supervisor at Everbrite, LLC in Tucson that focuses on more 3D modeling and sign design but am always available for freelance graphic work!


Aside from design, I also have many activities I enjoy but usually spend my free time outdoors, reading, baking, playing video games, soccer, and probably too frequently Netflix binge-watching. I am a passionate and driven individual who sets high expectations for myself but doesn't lose sight of the important things in life.


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